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Copernicus Lodge is dedicated to providing nutritious meals to our residents. Our menu includes a variety of foods from all food groups in keeping with Canada’s Food Guide, and meets the requirements of the current Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI’s). Our food services are structured to meet the requirements set out by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). Meal service includes three meals daily, as well as morning, afternoon and evening snacks, and choices are offered to meet the individual needs and preferences of our residents. The dietary department staff consists of cooks, food service workers, food service supervisor, food service manager, and a Registered Dietitian.

Our menu features Polish foods, and Polish dietary traditions and customs are observed throughout the year. The biggest celebration is Wigilia celebration; it is attended by our Long Term Care Home residents, tenants and their family and friends.

The menu is posted in every dining area, in both English and Polish.




Resident Food Committee


The Food Committee is maintained for the purpose of assisting the Dietary Services Department in the menu planning process for both meals and snacks.            

The goals of the Food Committee are:

  • To ensure that meals meet the needs of the residents in terms of variety, quality and quantity
  • To ensure that meals meet the specific cultural needs of Polish residents.
  1. To assist in the planning of menus for cultural and religious occasions.
  2. To assist in the planning of the Fine Dining Program.
  3. To make suggestions for new menu items.



  • Manager of Dietary Services
  • Food Service Supervisor
  • Manager of Programs and Services (or delegate)
  • Residents Council Chairperson
  • Resident Representatives from each RHA – by invitation/recommendation
  • By Invitation – Dietitian, Chief Executive Officer


Roles and Responsibilities of Members

  • Review current menu for meals and snacks
  • Provide feedback on popularity of menu items
  • Suggest new menu items
  • Suggest holiday and special event menu



  • Meetings are held annually in the Family Dining Room.
  • Invitations are sent by the Manager of Dietary Services to all attendees.
  • Agenda is set by the Manager of Dietary Services with new business and discussion encouraged from all attendees.
  • Minutes are recorded, and circulated to members and the Chief Executive Officer, and kept on file.

Duties of the Committee 

  • To make suggestions and recommendations to Dietary management in order to improve the menu items for meals and snacks.
  • To comment on issues of food quality, quantity and variety provided to residents.
  • To discuss and answer problems and suggestions from all residents regarding the menu and food issues at Copernicus Lodge.
  • To come to a consensus as to the expectations of residents regarding the menu planning process

We value the input of our residents, and any resident who has a suggestion for improving the quality of our food services is welcome to attend a Food Committee meeting. For more information, please contact our Dietary Manager at ext. #282.



The pantry on each unit is well stocked with supplies and food so residents have access to food 24 hours a day. High protein/high calorie snacks and supplements are also available to residents if indicated on their care plan. Beverages stored in the pantry areas and fridges, within each resident home unit, are offered to all residents frequently throughout each day.


Special Diets

 If necessary, therapeutic diets are provided to our residents, including Diabetic diets, Low Lactose diets, and others as needed and ordered by the Doctor or Dietitian. Food texture modifications are also provided, including soft, ground, and pureed, thus maximizing safety for those residents with difficulty chewing and swallowing. Fluids may be thickened to ensure safe swallowing for residents with dysphagia. G-tube feedings are also provided if needed. All residents have a current diet and texture order as part of their care plan.

All residents are weighed monthly, and receive a nutrition assessment at least every three months. Any resident who is assessed at high nutrition risk is re-assessed frequently by the Dietitian.

The Dietitian is an integral part of the interdisciplinary team at Copernicus Lodge. The Dietitian is involved in all aspects of providing optimal nutrition care for our resident, including reviewing the menu, provision of individualized nutrition assessment, and ensuring systems are in place for monitoring nutritional intake. If necessary, the Dietitian may prescribe nutrition supplements, according to the resident’s needs. Nutritional care is provided consistent with the position of the American Dietetic Association that “quality of life and nutritional status of older adults residing in health care communities can be enhanced by individualization to less-restrictive diets”.

If you would like to speak to our registered Dietitian, call Copernicus Lodge and ask for Extension 278.


Dining Room

Main Dining Room

Our inviting main dining room, located on the ground floor, is the perfect environment for families to eat together. Residents and families are always welcome to share a meal in the main floor dining room. There is no cost to the resident however the cost to family/visitors is $7.00 per meal. The ticket for the meal can be purchased at reception.

Meal service in the main dining room is:



8:00-9:00 am

flexible to meet resident needs

Lunch 12:00 Noon
Dinner 5:00 pm



Family Dining Room

If a resident and family are celebrating a special occasion, the elegant family dining room can be booked to share a private meal. Catering can be provided if required by contacting the Dietary Manager at ext. #282.. Call our reception at ext. #221 for booking this room.








Resident Care Unit Dining Rooms

Meals are provided to residents in a dining area within their own resident home unit. Every Resident Care Unit dining room has a large window and beautiful view of Lake Ontario. Meal service times are as follows: 


Breakfast 8:00 am
Lunch 12:00 Noon
Dinner 5:00 pm  



Feeding Assistance

Residents are offered a pleasurable dining experience, and meals are provided in an efficient, professional, and courteous manner. Every effort is made to ensure residents remain independent with feeding as much as possible. This includes, if necessary, the provision of devices which enable residents to feed themselves; for example, wide mouthed cups or large handled utensils. Of course, residents who require assistance with feeding will be provided with the assistance they need, whether it is cutting up foods, opening packages, or sitting and feeding the resident. Our PSW and nursing staff are trained in safe feeding strategies. Any family member who wishes to assist in feeding their loved one, is welcome during any meal. Please speak to the Registered Nurse on the unit


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