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Environmental Services

In Environmental Services, our focus is on our 2 buildings that are quite different in their needs and requirements. We are so fortunate to have qualified and highly trained staff that provide not only provide the services to residents and tenants, but also carry out our vision and objectives in reaching for the ultimate as a service provider.

 Environmental Services encompasses Housekeeping, Laundry and Maintenance.



Is provided daily in our long-term care facility for resident rooms and common areas within the home. Our housekeeping staff has been thoroughly trained on all aspects of resident room cleaning and all infection control cleaning and disinfection cleaning. We apply the “Best Practices” method in LTC cleaning and our staff is retrained on any technology and methods of cleaning that become the “new” standards. Resident rooms are cleaned daily with a rigorous thorough cleaning scheduled every second week. Staffing is consistent, so housekeepers become familiar with the needs of residents and tenants and develop a close and trusted relationship.



Our maintenance staff handles a wide variety of assignments that keep our facilities, both the self-care and long-term buildings operating at peak efficiency. We are so fortunate to have a certified HVAC operator and a licensed electrician on staff. All highly technical mechanical, electrical and projects are contracted out to the highest qualified contractor so our expectations are continuously met. Our maintenance staff looks after the heavier cleaning of the facility that would include the daily sanitation cleaning of our main kitchen and 6 food serveries in our long-term care building.



Laundry is provided on a weekly basis and we provide services not just for the fresh linen supplied to you but included, is all of your personal laundry needs are taken care of by highly trained laundry aides. Now just because you may not see them as often as our housekeepers, they care just as much about your laundry needs. Within a 24 hour period, we can have your clothes washed, dry, folded and returned to your room by our Environmental Services staff.

Your personal clothing is labeled so we can have your items returned to you promptly, but if by chance your item gets misplaced, our laundry services operations has a lost and found where we would likely find your precious item. Each Resident Home Area (RHA) has on its floor a fully equipped laundry room if the residents wish to do its own laundry. Supplies are included and ironing board is readily available for some pressing of personal items. Dry cleaning service is available within walking distance of the Lodge for residents and family. The Dry cleaner has many services available such as repairs and alteration. Dry cleaners’ costs are handled privately by the resident or family members.


Heating & Cooling

How the Heating and Cooling System works at Copernicus Lodge

Our “heating and cooling system”, called an “air handling system” is designed specifically for large health care facilities and with infection control in mind. Our system takes fresh air into the building through a rooftop air handler, the air then passes through a filter system and then the air is either heated in the winter time or cooled/tempered in the summer time. 

 The tempered air coming into the building is brought into the building as fresh air/passing through the rooftop air handler dispensed throughout the building into each area (including each resident room) through the duct (pipes) system and then evenly distributed throughout the building. It is then immediately exhausted out of the building through a number of avenues such as the exhaust fans in the resident bathrooms, tub rooms and serveries.

This system is balanced so that each room receives an equal share of the air and ensures that only “good air” is circulating at all times. If used properly, the air handling system will create a comfortable environment and shall ensure that the home is maintained at a minimum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius at all times (which is required by law).

If we leave windows or doors open, the cool air produced escapes in the summer and the warm air produced escapes in the winter.  Our air handling system is not designed to make up or compensate for this heat or cold loss. Keeping all windows closed during high humidity summer days and cold winter days will keep the building properly balanced and at a comfortable temperature for all.  When we open the windows and doors and let in the fresh air, we are not filtering any dust or pollens that are in the outside air. We are letting in whatever air is immediately outside our building.  We can open up the windows in the spring and fall months when the air quality and condition are different and where the air quality is much better.

Current Legislation requires Copernicus Lodge to have a written hot weather related illness prevention and management plan that meets the needs of our residents to address the adverse effects on residents related to heat.

Also, because we do not have central air conditioning, Copernicus Lodge must have at least one separate designated cooling area for every 40 residents. The dining room/lounge area is our designated cooling area. Our wall mounted Air Conditioning Units located in these areas help to provide support for our rooftop units and keep the overall temperature consistent. These units MUST be kept on all times during a heat wave advisory, with ALL windows and doors in this area closed.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact any of our Environmental Services Staff.

Thank you for helping us in making a comfortable environment for all those who live, work and visit Copernicus Lodge.


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