Meet our Board of Directors, all volunteers who are dedicated to guiding and supporting Copernicus Lodge to help care for our community, as well as our dedicated Leadership Team.

Board of Directors

  • Ted Opitz

    Chair of the Board & Executive Committee

  • Danusia Figiel

    Vice-Chair & Treasurer, Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee

  • Andrew looking at the camera in a suit and tie and smiling

    Andrew Kwiatkowski

    Chair of the Copernicus Lodge Foundation

  • Jan Faryaszewski


  • Dr. Fiona Menzies


  • Lucian Ezman

    Corporate Secretary

  • Natalie Farshait

    Director and Chair of Governance & HR Committee

  • Marc Buklis

    Chair of the Property Management Committee

  • Margaret (Małgorzata) Martin


Senior Leadership Team

  • Aleksandra Grzeszczuk

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Michelle Miziolek

    Executive Assistant to the CEO

  • Carmen Miller

    Director of Care

  • Henry Zajac

    Fundraising and Development Officer

  • Liana Chandran

    Director of Operations