Our volunteers make Copernicus Lodge A Place to Call Home. Volunteers devote their time and energy to help improve the quality of life of those who need it most. Our volunteers make Copernicus Lodge an even more caring and compassionate place to live. In fact, many of our services and activities would not be possible without the contributions of our volunteers. They are the heart of our home. For more information download our Student Volunteer Program Brochure or General Volunteer Program Brochure.

If interested in joining our wonderful dedicated group of volunteers, please fill out the application form or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 416-536-7122 ext. #269 or communications@copernicuslodge.com.

Your Questions Answered

A Copernicus Lodge volunteer is someone who dedicates their own time to make a genuine contribution to our home. Our volunteers are mothers, fathers, uncles, sisters, brothers, grandmothers and much more. These giving individuals bring skills with them that they want to use, or they may volunteer in order to gain practical experience in areas of interest.

A Copernicus Lodge volunteer unselfishly responds to the needs of others, is modest, encourages and motivates others to achieve, is creative in adapting to particular conditions, has tenacity and commitment, while possessing an acceptance of different cultures, approaches and lifestyles.

Our volunteers will tell you that they grow as individuals through their involvement with our organization. Our volunteers discover their own journey to a life of greater meaning and adventure through the experiences of our residents who have started and sustained themselves with what matters most.

While there is no doubt about the economic value, the social and community value of volunteering is almost inestimable. Knowing your efforts really make a difference in the life of a resident feels great!

There are other rewards to be gained from getting involved as a volunteer at Copernicus Lodge. You have an endless opportunity to develop abilities that you can apply in your personal and professional life, such as; interpersonal skills, time management, leadership and communication skills, just to name a few.

The way in which volunteers make their contribution is unique, the services they provide, the sense of community they engender and the positive benefits for their own well-being are enormous. It all adds up to a wonderful community value.

We are looking for dedicated and caring people who want to make a difference in the life of our residents and the community. Some of the volunteer opportunities will include visits with residents, participation in social/recreational programs, assistance with spiritual/religious and cultural observances, assistance during meal time, and accompanying residents to medical appointments or on field trips, as well as supporting our Foundation through events and fundraising activities.

Copernicus Lodge recognizes that our volunteers need to be well trained, managed and supported, to feel they are making a real contribution and to feel valued.

Copernicus Lodge has an established Volunteer Program under the direction and supervision of a full-time Volunteer Coordinator who assesses a potential volunteer’s suitability and interest in volunteering. Copernicus Lodge is committed to ensuring that volunteer work transforms into something wonderful, something that makes a real difference in the lives of our Copernicus Lodge Residents…and to our Volunteer’s own lives as well. We want the volunteer experience to deal with issues that the volunteer cares about through exploring the experiences of others.

Our Annual Volunteer celebrations allow us to focus on and appreciate the contributions made by all of our volunteers, whose time and commitment have enriched so many lives. We all have much to learn from those who walk beside us and those who have walked before us. For more information, download our student volunteer brochure and our adult volunteer brochure.